Heather McCaig

Teachers - Social Studies, Leadership

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Upon entering college in 1991 I was a member of the Students Association at the Medicine Hat College. In mylast year at the University of Lethbridge, in 1995, I was placed at Irvine School for my last teaching round. Here I taught grades 7-9 Language and Social. I started a Students Against Drinking and Driving program with about twenty youth, which centered around safe driving in a rural community, spearheaded contacts with local business to run the program, arranged a wake-a-thon and liquor bag campaign with the community bar. My group was featured on the local radio and in a variety of newspapers. In 1998 I worked at Medicine Hat High School teaching Social Studies and English 10. There I took over the SADD program and worked very hard with thirty youth to develop SADD. Again I developed community partnerships with the fire department, police department, ambulance service and local media. In doing this I was able to bring the involvement of the community into the school and vice-versa. I started working with the local Kiwanis club and they became major sponsors. In 1999 I was transferred to Crescent Heights High School where I teach senior high Social Studies and I have recently started Leadership courses which now run from grade 9 to grade 12.   I started a Students Against Drinking and Driving Program at the school in 1999. Since then the program has been a great success, it first started off with one student, and has now over 50 active members ranging from grades 7-12. I try to be inspiration and role model for all my students  and  a great mentor as well. I try to always be there for my students, and my group. I also work for the teachers of School District 76 as the President of the Medicine Hat Teachers Local #1. I believe to be effective and relate to my students I am still a teen at heart. I always have fun with my students and never lets things get out of hand. I will tell you the truth if you ask a question, and will work with you to find solutions if you are in any trouble at all. " I believe that every human soul is teaching something to someone nearly every minute here in mortality."