Randy Knight

Teachers - CTS Lead Teacher/ Construction/ Fabrication, Coaches - JH Badminton

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This is my 8th year teaching and my fourth at CHHS. I look forward to going to work every morning and I think I have the best job in the world. Teaching Construction and Fabrication combines two important parts of my life; one is carpentry and the other is being a positive role model in the lives of young people. I graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Education in 2000. Previous to that, I earned a Bachelor of Criminology with Distinction from the University of Alberta in 1998. I worked in the criminal justice system at the Edmonton Young Offenders Centre and as an Auxiliary Constable with the RCMP for 5 years. My construction experience spans most of my life. I started apprenticing as a carpenter in 1988. The two journeyman I worked under were patient and knowledgeable men who taught to be a perfectionist and a hard worker. I never finished my apprenticeship as a carpenter and still regret that I didn't. But, never say never! My carpentry experience includes many years of stairmaking, house framing, finishing, cabinetmaking and making furniture. One of the things that I am most proud of is making my eldest niece's bedroom furniture. One of the most exciting things I had the opportunity to do was to do some carpentry in London, England. My cousin and her husband live there and they payed for my flight over to work on their house...twice. Once in 2003 and once in 2009. The experience was awesome and I got to see London, France and the Canary Islands. I've been to London a total of three times and look forward to another visit. I also built my own house in 2005 and it took me 11 months! I did just about everything including; framing, insulating, drywall, siding, finishing, flooring and making my own countertops for the cabinets that I assembled. I did all these things without any assistance about 90% of the time! I lost 40 lbs during that time and looking back at it I can't believe I was able to do it. I should also add that I built the house after work! On a personal note, I will say that I was a terrible high school student. I wasn't a behaviour problem, I just didn't care about school. I left Grade 12 with only 98 credits and never graduated. I never realized how important good marks and the right courses would make a difference later on in life. So, I went into the work world and after a few dead-end jobs I started my apprenticeship. But by the age of 23, after a few different jobs and not feeling that I was in the right place in the world, I made a change. Now I have two degrees from the University of Alberta, a great career and I feel like I am in the right place in the world. The point that I am trying to make is that it is never too late to make your life better through education. Don't give up, work very hard and stay focused on your goals. I wish you the best of luck.