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"Learning goes beyond the four walls of the school." Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching English, Visual Arts, ESL, Communication Technology and Multimedia. Everyday I am thankful for being part of an incredible journey of critcal thinking and creativity. Everyone has a story, and we make connections through communicating with others. Thinking beyond ourselves has lead to several projects that have linked our learning community with other classrooms around the world. For example, students used their language skills to create children's books that  were published and are now part of 5 library collections around the world! Students created the book in order to supply books for children in Africa, the West Indies, and South Amerioa. Students helping students. Wow! Excellent work that will make a contribution to the world.

In addition, my Communication Technology (now called Multimedia) students have won 2 gold, 1 silver and a bronze in Regional and Provincial tv/video competitions, gold at the Medicine Hat Film Festival, and gold in animation. We have silkscreened t-shirts for local and international events and partnered with elementary schools to provide videos and photography. Student graphic designs have been used in the community to advertise events and businesses and for yearbook covers. The Multimedia class is a dynamic project based course in the areas of animation, video/audio production, screen printing (printing t-shirts and airbrushing), photography and digital design. There is no limit to what we can do! Our class has created photo communication projects that won gold at the Esplanade as well as being part of an international exchange of photographs with a school in Ethiopia.

When creativity meets opportunity, the possibilities are limitless!