Stephanie Martin

Teachers - English

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About Me

I’m really happy to be back at Crescent Heights teaching as a part of the English Department team once again this year.  The students here make my job really amazing.  I love it when students pile into my room excitedly each day for classes, when I get to see their “lightbulb” moments as they learn something new or understand something in a different way, and when I’m able to watch their progress as they grow and challenge themselves.

This year, I’m proud to be a supervisor for a student club new to CHHS, the Rainbow Club.  Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space where all students are respected and supported for their individuality and diversity.  We welcome all new members, so if you’d like more information, pop by to see me in room 526 when you get a chance!  I’m also one of the coaches for the Girls Rugby program here at our school, so if you’re interested in trying out an amazing new sport, we would love to see you there.

I’ll sign off with a few random facts about me: I have degrees in both Education and Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan, my absolute favourite novel ever is Pat Conroy’s Beach Music (try it- it’s phenomenal), I’m probably most afraid when moths fly at me or around me, and I really wish I had learned to play an instrument (preferably the saxophone) when I was younger.  

Feel free to stop by to say hello or have a chat anytime- my door is always open!

Ms. Martin