Rebecca Boyd

Teachers - English/LA

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About Me

This is my seventh year here at Crescent Heights High School.   This semester I teach English 10-1, English 20-1, English 30-1, French 7 and Film Studies 7.

I graduated with from the U of L with a B/A and B/Ed with Distinction.  I have taught high school English courses for about 12 years and I am still learning something new and/or something better almost every day.  I am on the CHHS Grad committee where I organize the Friday evening GradbBanquet and dance.

 "There's nothing better for you - not broccoli, not an apple a day, not aerobic exercise. In terms of the whole rest of your life, in terms of making you smart in all ways, there's nothing better. Top-ranking scientists and mathematicians are people who read. Top-ranking historians and researchers are people who read. Reading is like money in the bank in terms of the rest of your life, but it also helps you escape from the rest of your life and live experiences you can only dream of. Most important, along with writing, reading is the best way I know to find out who you are, what you care about, and what kind of person you want to become." Nancie Atwell