Science at CHHS, Yours to Discover!

At CHHS students are actively engaged…

  • through hands on investigations and lab activities

  • in cooperative learning with their peers

  • by exploring problems to find solutions

  • in off-campus experiences such as

    • water quality river raft excursion

    • ecological tours to Costa Rica and Hawaii

    • grade 9 zoo trip

    • Physics Day at Calaway Park


At CHHS, we have excellent facilities to support learning, including…

  • state of the art equipment such as digital microscopes and probeware

  • on site lab tech that enables classes to perform many hands on activities and demonstrations

  • large central lab area that can accommodate several classes at one time

  • greenhouse area that is utilized in middle school and high school courses

  • three computer areas devoted to science with appropriate software


At CHHS, we have passionate teachers that are…

  • science specialists that have a wealth of knowledge in their subject area

  • committed to helping students succeed and eager to provide extra help

  • dedicated to meaningful assessment focused on helping students to improve

  • continuously improving and incorporating new and exciting activities, lessons and methods into the classroom



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