School Policies


The following policy applies to junior and senior high school-based final exams.




Ensuring the validity of exams written at times other than the scheduled time:


Communication between school and families regarding the exam schedule:


Student and parent responsibilities regarding writing exams at the scheduled times:

Diploma exams are scheduled by Alberta Education and cannot be rescheduled or rewritten. If a student misses a diploma exam, he or she must apply to rewrite at the next available sitting.



(Electronic devices, recording and playback devices, handheld games, etc)

 The CHHS faculty and administration recognize that electronic devices are integrated into the lives of students. We would like to work with parents and students to discourage the negative impact these devices can have, encourage their responsible use and explore how they can positively impact our learning environment. CHHS is committed to community; the faculty and administration would like to see electronic devices enhance our sense of community.  

In order to protect the personal property of students we suggest:

In order to maintain a learning environment that is free of distractions for all, students are to:

In order to protect individual’s privacy students are to:

In order to maintain integrity of examinations, students are not allowed electronic devices in their possession during quizzes or tests. Any student caught with an electronic device during a quiz or test will have the test taken away and a score of zero will be assigned.

Use of electronic devices for harassment or intimidation is strictly prohibited and will be treated according to the Crescent Heights Harassment and Intimidation Policy.

Policy Violation Consequences

CHHS staff will confiscate an electronic device when there is a violation of this policy.  The confiscated electronic devices are secured in the school office.


Access to computers and the Internet should provide students with the opportunity to learn, share and discover. The teachers working in the areas offering Internet access agree that the valuable information and interactions obtained from the Internet outweigh the controversial or offensive material which is also present. The Internet is a reflection of society and therefore all elements of our society are represented. You are asked to comply by the rules outlined to ensure your Internet access is both enjoyable and productive.

Terms and Conditions:

It is essential that Internet users conduct themselves as responsible citizens of the school community. We consider the use of the Internet a privilege and not a right. Users must ensure their conduct is within ethical and legal boundaries.

Failure to comply with any of the rules as stated above will result in loss of access privileges for the student.


Rationale:The CHHS community firmly believes that a strong correlation exists between consistent student attendance and a successful learning experience. This attendance policy exists to promote a beneficial educational experience for all students.

Daily or Period Absences

Attendance Policy Procedures


When a student has accumulatedsix (6) absences from a class and the student’s mark is below 60%:

The teacher will:

  1. Contact the parent or guardian. 
  2. Contact the parent/guardian, grade level counselor and vice principal about the missed classes. 
  3. Record the communication with home in PowerSchool.


When a student has accumulated nine (9) absences from a class and the student’s mark is below 50%:

The teacher will:

1. Contact the parent or guardian. 

2. Contact the parent/guardian, grade level counselor and vice principal about the missed classes. 

3. Record the communication with home in PowerSchool.           

The grade level counselor will:


When a student accumulates twelve (12) absences from a class and the student’s mark is below 50%:

The teacher will:

1. Contact the parent or guardian. 

2. Contact the parent/guardian, grade level counselor and vice principal about the missed classes. 

3. Record the communication with home in PowerSchool.

The grade level counselor and vice principal will:





  1. Students will be allowed to withdraw from classes until
  2. Semester 1> October 15
  3. Semester 2> March 15
  4. Student withdrawal will only be completed with parental approval. A “CHHS Class Withdrawal Request Form” must be completed.
  5. Students in grade 10 and 11 must replace withdrawn class with course on school timetable.
  6. Students withdrawing from a class and entering into an Alberta Distance Learning Centre course (S.O.S. on timetable) are financially responsible for the course.  50% of tuition will be refunded upon successful completion of the ADLC class.



PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be granted ADLC courses in lieu of CHHS scheduled classes.

Students may register for ADLC based on the following criteria:

In the event CHHS can’t accommodate a student course request/requirement due to timetable constraints, CHHS will cover course costs. In this situation, the student will be placed under a staff supervisor and the student is expected to meet all the CHHS guidelines as per regular classes re: attendance, task deadlines and student behavior.

Extended Studies

If a student has a full timetable and wishes to take an extra course for credit:

The student/guardian is responsible for the course expectations and content without direct supervision of CHHS staff.  The student support will be provided via email or phone contact with the designated ADLC teacher/supervisor. 


Thursday Afterschool Detentions are assigned to students who require a consequence for repeated disregard for school policies.  Teachers may assign detentions for things like:  missing noon detentions, truancy, missed homework assignments, or other behavioral concerns.


Students who receive Thursday Afterschool Detentions are expected to arrive at the assigned room on time and should have homework and/or reading to do during the detention.  Electronic devices (cell phones, mp3 players, etc.) are not permitted in the detention room.


Expectations: Participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege not a right.  Students are required to be positive role models both inside our school and in the broader community and must:

Failure to meet these expectations may jeopardize the student’s participation in extra-curricular activities.


Rationale:The world of work requires a standard of dress. Schools require a standard as well. Both you and your clothing should be neat and clean. Dress should be appropriate for the occasion and activity in which you are engaged while in school. Your appearance should reflect that you are in school, ready to work and learn. School dress is different than typical dress for the mall, a concert, a party, or the beach. Student dress should reflect respect and pride in each individual student and the school community.

Expectations:No dress code can itemize every item of dress that is unacceptable for school.  However, there are certain guidelines for good decision-making about daily apparel. Any type of dress or personal grooming that disrupts the educational environment, is destructive to school property, or is a threat to safety or health is prohibited.  Dress code decisions will be made at the Administrators’ discretion.

Policy Violation Process



The possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol products is strictly prohibited. All illegal drug or alcohol related issues could involve our school resource officer who will attempt to contact parents/guardians. The school’s policy on illegal drug and alcohol related violations is as follows:


Possession of drug paraphernalia (pipe, paper, knife) 5 day suspension
Possession of drugs or alcohol

5 day suspension

Commitment to AADAC

Smells of drugs or alcohol

(1st offence)


Parents contacted

Student sent home

Smells of drugs or alcohol

(2nd offence)

3 day suspensions

Commitment to AADAC

Smells of drugs or alcohol

(3rd offence)

5 day suspension

Voluntary removal from CHHS

or recommendation for expulsion

Evidence of trafficking

5 day suspension

Voluntary removal from CHHS

or recommendation for expulsion

Repeated violations may result in recommendation for expulsion.


Students possessing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or any other Drug/tobacco related products on school property are in violation of School Policy.
 This includes: 

Policy Violation Process

Students may be recommended for expulsion for being in violation of Section 24(7) of the School Act

***Any related products/ parephenalia can be confiscated. ***



1st Violation:

If the initial complaint is of a serious nature the 2nd violation consequence of this policy may be implemented immediately.

2nd or Subsequent Violations:

Parents/guardians have the right of appeal to the Principal and/or the Superintendent.  Individuals have the  right to contact the Alberta Human Rights Commission to file a complaint of harassment up to 30 days the alleged incident, and if circumstances warrant it, the police, to file a charge of assault. 


Rationale:  All members of our community have the right to feel safe and respected when they are on our school campus, in our broader community and when traveling on a school bus.  Consequently acts of harassment, intimidation and physical aggression are considered a serious violation of school policy and will not be tolerated on school campus, at school-sponsored activities and on the school bus.  Behaviors in violation of this policy may be verbal, physical, deliberate or unsolicited; it may be one incident or a series of incidents. 

Harassment or intimidation may include:

Harassment occurring off-campus will be referred to the police.

1st Violation:

If the initial complaint is of a serious nature the 2nd or 3rd violation consequence may be implemented immediately.

2nd Violation:

3rd or Subsequent Violations:

Any further violations of this policy may result in a student being removed from Crescent Heights High School or recommended to the Medicine Hat School District #76 Board of Trustees for expulsion.



Crescent Heights High School regards the carrying or brandishing of a weapon as a serious offence against the safety of others. Any student found in possession of or brandishing a weapon on school (or school district) premises before, during or after school, or during a school sponsored activity, will receive a full five day, out of school suspension. Police will be contacted and charges may be made against the perpetrator.  School District officials will be notified and further interventions may follow.  

Weapons can be defined as objects that are intended or could be used to inflict bodily harm or intimidate others such as a firearm or a knife.



Administrators from the city’s secondary schools have developed regulations to govern student behavior at inter-school functions.   Action will be taken when a student exhibits any of the following unacceptable behaviors during a co-curricular activity:

Policy Violation Consequences



If you have any questions about any of these Policies
please contact one of our School Administrators for Clarification.