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What is Off-Campus Education?



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We believe the Off-Campus Education program offers our Students and our School Community tremendous benefits. The reality of our world is that only 25 to 30 percent of High School students in Alberta go directly on to Post Secondary studies. Trades training and work skills are increasingly being recognized as important components of a High school education.



Our lives are affected daily by fundamental changes occurring in our economic, cultural and social fabric. Global competition, rapid technological change, and an expanding knowledge base are a reality that will continue to affect us all-perhaps to a degree that we have not yet experienced. Our ability to deal with these changes (taking advantage of opportunities and mitigating difficulties) depends ultimately on the education and skill development of our young people

Meeting these challenges requires a commonality of purpose among and between business people, educators, students, parents, and others. Too often there is an absence of information, or there is poor information. Often there are enormous "cultural" differences in the background of educators, business people and others so that one group simply does not understand the other (as one person said: "We are not even playing in the same ballpark."). These differences must be effectively and efficiently bridged if we are to mobilize our resources and successfully prepare our young people for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of them.

Access to improved School/Community Partnerships has the potential to provide:

excerpts from Alberta Chamber of Resources Document -Skill and Educational Change, Making it happen in your Community.


Educational Benefits of Off-Campus Programming to our Students.


Off Campus Education Coordinator: Mr. Kelly Roach

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